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Chicago Cross Docking Services

Chicago Cross Docking ServicesChicago Cross Docking Services is when you remove the “storage” phase of the supply chain. Essentially, products are unloaded from a truck or a railcar, then sorted and immediately reloaded onto outbound transportation to the final destination. If there are products going to the same destination, consolidating these shipments means fewer transport vehicles which ultimately, saves money. The basics for Chicago Cross Docking are simple but if you ever have questions, just pick up the phone and call International Transload Logistics at 630-206-1532 or fill out the form on this page.

The Process & The Reason

The process for Chicago Cross Docking is simple. From one transportation directly to the next for a faster delivery to the final destination. Some warehouses don’t benefit from Cross Docking but those that do, really increase the productivity, costs and customer satisfaction for the business. Depending on the cargo being shipped, Chicago Cross Docking could be the solution. For example, if you’re transporting temperature controlled items, the faster transportation the better.

Some of the main reasons Chicago Cross Docking is implanted is to provide a central site for products to be sorted. Many companies save money with the ability to combine numerous smaller product loads into one method of transportation. When you utilize Chicago Cross Docking, you’re not spending money on storage space. The goods come in, they get sorted and then they are right back out. It’s a win for everyone involved. The consumer gets their goods faster and the company gets to save money.

Types of Cross Docking

There are two types of Cross Docking. Manufacturing and distributor. Manufacturing Cross Docking involves manufacturing but distributor Cross Docking is a combination of different products into one shipment to the customer. No matter what your business model is, Chicago Cross Docking could be beneficial to your business. Pick up the phone and call the experts at ITL Chicago and we’ll answer all your questions. We can be reached at 630-206-1532 or fill out the form on this page.

Chicago Cross Docking

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