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Chicago Steel Transload Services

Chicago Steel Transload ServicesThe transfer of goods from one mode of transportation to another en route to their ultimate destination is known as transloading. Companies use transloading to transport a variety of cargo or materials. Chicago Steel Transload is the transportation of steel. Ultimately, rail is often the most economical way to ship but transload combines the advantages of trucking and rail. At International Transload Logistics, we have a team of dedicated personnel to help meet your needs. Contact us by calling 630-206-1532 or fill out the form on this page and we’ll be in touch.

Transporting Steel

Chicago Steel Transload is simply transporting steel from one location to another until it reaches its final destination. There are many items that can be transloaded including lumber, steel, plastics, and much more. The process begins by having the shipment leave from its orgin by truck. Once it arrives at International Transload Logistics, the shipment will be loaded onto a railcar. From the railcar to a different transload facility near the destination the shipment is unloaded from the railcar. The shipment is then loaded back onto a truck and headed home to its final destination.

Steel Transload requires a railcar that can handle that cargo. Most commonly used are flatcars, gondolas and centerbeams for transportation. Transloading rates will vary too. Essentially, Chicago Steel Transload will be priced on the labor it takes to deconsolidate the shipment at the warehouse, palletize it and then load it into the trucks for delivery. As with all questions or concerns, you can reach out to International Transload Logistics with any and all questions.

Why Transload

Unless you’re in the business, you may not fully understand the benefits behind Steel Transloading. The first and foremost reason companies choose this method is the increase in time efficiency. When your distribution center is located outside of regular rail paths, your transit time is increased. Inclement weather will be a factor in travel times too. Transloading eliminates entire layers of variables from the process. If you have questions about our transloading services, call us at 630-206-1532 or fill out the form on this page.

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